Howard Schultz

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Birth Name: Howard Drew Schultz
Birth Date: July 19, 1953
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States


Howard Drew Schultz is an American businessman and former CEO of Starbucks.

He was born on July 19, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in a working-class family.

Schultz received his undergraduate degree from Northern Michigan University and went on to work in the coffee industry.

Schultz joined Starbucks in 1982, and eventually became CEO in 1987.

Under his leadership, Starbucks expanded rapidly and became one of the most successful and respected companies in the world.

Schultz is credited with helping to popularize specialty coffee and transforming the coffee industry.

In addition to his work at Starbucks, Schultz is also known for his philanthropy and charitable work.

He has supported a number of causes, including education and children’s charities, and has served on the board of a number of nonprofit organizations.

Schultz is married and has two children.

He is known for his business acumen and his leadership skills and has been widely respected and admired throughout his career.

He stepped down as CEO of Starbucks in 2018 and remains a popular and influential figure in the world of business.


Fun facts about Howard Schultz

  • Former owner of the Seattle SuperSonics NBA team.
  • He was turned down for loans by 242 banks when trying to start ”Starbucks”.
  • Firmly believes that youngsters should never allow anybody to tell them that they are dreaming too high.


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